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Our History

Mount Holly Surgical Supply (MHSS) is a household name for medical equipment and supplies in our local area and is quickly becoming one in many other areas of New Jersey and beyond.  MHSS has been located on High Street (the main street of Mount Holly) since its founding. Mount Holly is a charming, historic town and the capital of Burlington County.

Founded in 1972 by Ron and Verna Garwood, Mount Holly Surgical Supply was the first ever medical supply company in New Jersey. During their time in the medical supply business, the Garwoods joined JAMES – Jersey Association of Medical Equipment Services, to help other medical supply owners in the garden state and teach them how to run a successful medical supply operation. In essence, our expertise became a guide for many other medical equipment businesses in the state.

Having run a highly successful, customer-focused business for nearly 20 years, the Garwood family eventually sold the enterprise to John and Bridget Rosolia. John Rosolia picked up the batton where the Garwoods left off. He would often go to Washington DC to lobby politicians on behalf of their patients as well as durable medical equipment (DME) companies.

Who We Are

The Rosolia family carried on Mount Holly Surgical Supply’s tradition of excellence until they sold the business to the Tareen family in 2004. The Tareens were committed to carry on the long history of excellence and quality operations that had become the legacy of the Garwood and Rosolia familes. Khalil Tareen was an immigrant from Pakistan with a deep background in Computer Science. He completely modernized the company and transitioned it from pencil and paper to computer databases and electronic claims.

The Tareen family has and continues to run a successful operation with excellence in customer service during good and bad economic times. Significant challenges from changing healthcare policies and  political landscapes and mounting regulations also threatened the company on numerous occasions.

For example, when Medicare introduced ultra competitive bidding and stringent payment schedules, most durable medical equipment (DME) retailers in New Jersey went out of business. However, Mount Holly Surgical Supply being a very resilient company, not only a survived, but thrived as a medical equipment operation. This was due to management’s ability to think outside the box and innovate solutions for patients and the business.


The Mount Holly Surgical Supply management team are skilled, innovative and committed durable medical equipment operators with a long track record of success. For the last 20 years, our vision has been to continue the company legacy of providing the best medical equipment along with the best possible service at the best cost to insurers and patients. That excellence and quality of operations – started in 1972 by the Garwood family, continued by the Rosolia family and for the last 20 years continued again by the Tareen family  –  is alive and well currently  and will be for years to come.

Mount Holly Surgical Supply’s mission is to be a reliable and full line of durable medical equipment, while still providing a quality-of-service that is characteristic of smaller, more specialized companies.  We have expanded into the online marketplace to extend our services beyond the Northeast region, in hopes of providing a better option for those who shop for medical equipment online.

Mount Holly Surgical Supply was founded on the principles of Ron Garwood in 1972, when he opened the first DME company in New Jersey. Instead of trying to capture the entire state market, Garwood would act as a teacher for other organizations to learn and benefit from, even though his actions may not have been in his own best interest. The values of Mount Holly Surgical Supply still reflect Garwood’s founding values today. We hope to improve the overall quality of service throughout the field of durable medical equipment.

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